Wooden Docks


Our diversity in wooden dock products will be sure to accommodate you with the right dock for your needs.

With our products, you can build walkways or boardwalks across or beside shallow waters or swamp area.

You can also have an ideal dock for small boats, for sailing schools, boat clubs, small marinas. Thanks to our robust docks, their exemplary stability and unique design, you can be sure that they will withstand harsh climatic conditions.

Discover our wooden residential docks and commercial docks by clicking on one of the above tabs.

Residential Docks


Quality wood dock with corners reinforced and assembled with galvanized steel hardware. This system has an exceptional value for the price and is ideal for sailing schools, rowing clubs, small marinas or high end residential installations.

StructureOversized wood dock assembled with heavy-duty galvanized steel hardware
Buoyancy30 to 50 Pds/ft (147 to 244 kg/m) or as specs.
Freeboard13″ to 30″ (33 to 76 cm)
ConnectionsGalvanized steel hinges with 1″ pins
DeckingDecking options available (wood, plastic composite)

Commercial Docks

Very strong heavy weight dock, with exemplary stability and unique design, offering an exceptional resistance. Entirely made out of oversized or laminated wood beams and assembled with galvanized steel hardware, these super structures are engineered to resist rough climatic conditions.

StructureQuai de bois surdimensionné assemblé à l’aide de robuste quincaillerie d’acier galvanisé
Flottabilité30 à 50 lbs/pi (147 à 244 kg/m) ou selon spécifications
Franc-bord13″ à 30″ (33 cm à 76 cm)
Joints de quaiPentures avec axes 1″ en acier galvanisé
PlatelageDifférentes options disponibles (bois, composite de plastique)