22040 Fusion Connectors (Pair)

99.99 $


For installation on Multinautic® Aluminum Docks (QPF-383, QPF-475 et QPF-500 dock types)
The flex-free fusion connector prevents the dock from bending, creating a solid deck to enjoy, even under wavy conditions!
Must be installed on floating dock sections equipped with connector hinges.
Once the nuts installed underneath will have reach the bottom plates, do not tight them more than one quarter of a turn. If you tight too much, they will be hard to loosen for storage in autumn or if you wish to modify your dock configuration in summer.

After the installation, be sure to tighten securely the Allen screws, already inserted into leg holders, and check them periodically.

It’s highly recommended to wear shoes or sandals on a floating dock.
Beware your fingers and toes!


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