Boat Lifts and Ramps


Find all our boat and PWC fixed ramps, our aluminum floating PWC ramps as well as the Eastern Township boat lifts in our shop.

Boat & PWC Fixed Ramps

Quite simply the most secure and cost-efficient way to beach your PWC or small craft on your shoreline and protect them from wave action.

Put your fishing boat on it and remove the drain plug to prevent water accumulation between uses.

A very smart way to help you refuel your PWC without spillage and protect your turbine and hull against sand abrasion.

Aluminum Floating PWC Ramp

Specially designed to be set up in deep water or on a floating dock, this aluminum floating ramp will allow a secure and easy mooring of small boat and PWC.

Boat Lifts

Laurentians Docks is the proud distributor of Eastern Township Boat Lifts. The Eastern Township boat lifts offer you a quality hoist for all types of boats. It’s 6005/6061 blend of aluminum alloy, welded by gas tungsten arc welding, its galvanized and/or stainless steel hardware items, stainless steel cables (304), to mention but a few, all provide a one of a kind solidity. Certain models even feature 3″, 4″ and 5″ acetal pulleys with bronze spacers and stainless steel rolling-element bearings.

The whole package is designed so as to facilitate assembly. The “V” side enabling and easy entry by boat V-shaped base allowing for setup in shallow water, an aluminum crank wheel that is easy to use, all four adjustable feet, adjustable base, cable gutter for a better alignment of the windlass reel. lightweight and strong structure. No maintenance is necessary, corrosion-proof and rust-proof for life, hydraulic system allowing for setup in shallow water (as low as 12″ ). The Eastern Township boat lifts, a trusted quality since 20 years.