Aluminum Docks


At Laurentiens Dock, we offer different types of aluminum docks to best match your wildest dreams. Docks structure are made entirely of aluminum, offering lightness and strength. It’s easy to install. Fully ecological, recyclable and without maintenance, Aluminum Docks can be used at home or at the cottage, like patio for above-ground pool, under balconies or behind the shed as a platform leveled utility.

Over the years, we have invested in the development of several molds of different sizes and types of aluminum extrusions. These investments now allow us to ensure the choice of the caliber that will meet your requirements and your situation. Nothing guarantees better the sustainability of your project and your satisfaction than choosing the right product for your application.

Call us at 450-227-2342 to discuss your project and determine what best fits your needs or find in detail our range of dock series by clicking the tabs below.

Series 3

This Aluminum Docks category is designed for places where climatic conditions are rather forgiving and where the lake’s turmoil is minimal.

Despite providing inexpensive dock models this series includes it’s own type of versatile dock, the QPF-383, which can be installed as a stationary dock or floating dock. It is generally proposed as a 4ft x 8ft dock section but can also be tailored to accommodate your needs.

Series 4

The QP-400 is simply the Lightest Stationary Aluminum Docks series you will ever have. Fast installation, adjustments and removal will help you enjoy those magic summer moments with peace of mind. Outstanding durability and Ultralight weight are the achievement of Multinautic’s expertise in custom designed extrusions and 39 years of experience building and installing docks…

• Simple and proven hinging and adjustment system that is easy and simple to use.
• ONE PIECE extruded corner leg holders & adjustment bolts. Twice the sturdiness of its competitors welded bolts.

Two examples among our many products

The QP-427 is the best stationary dock system combining sturdiness, lightness and versatility. Its unique custom designed aluminum extrusions will bring more than enought strenght while keeping it light for an easy and simple installation. Designed like the QP-400 but with bigger side extrusions that have Multinautic’s special “UnitrackTM” System, it alllows you to install cleats and accessories where you want without piercing the decking.

The QP-454 is a top quality sturdy stationary dock system as it has the 500 Series assets while being a little lighter to facilitate assembly and installation. This system has Multinautic’s custom extrusion with the special “UnitrackTM” System all around for you cleats and specially designed hinge system that uses nylon bushing for a wear & noise free usage. These are installed to the dock with “T-head” bolts for a recessed, easy and clean installation.

Series 5

The QPF-500 is THE one and only premium quality HYBRID Aluminum Docks System available. You can install it as a Floating dock, a Wheel-on Dock, a Stationary dock or a combination of them all… Its outstanding versatility allows you to reconfigure everything at any time as your needs change, year after year.

Multinautic’s Exclusive Twintrack custom full tube extrusions is the best design ever created. Combining strength in torsion, lateral or vertical flexions for the best polyvalence and strength to weight ratio.

Ultra strong ONE PIECE corner leg holder extrusions, with set screws, that are mounted flush to the side extrusions for a clean dock side
Special hinging system with nylon bushing and “T-head” bolts for a noise & wear free connections
Full range of accessories designed exclusively for this fine aluminium dock Series.

Series 6

The Q-600 is a real commercial Dock System that is designed to moor boats of sizes up to 30’ and accomplish the most exquisite designs of your personal dream dock system.

Its super strong and fully welded Warren Type truss frame system is designed to maximize diagonal, vertical and lateral strength and
can be adapted to accommodate loads up to 75 psf of floatation. Tritrack™ extrusion surrounds these frames for cleats, chain holders, finger connections, handrails or any other accessories to be relocated in minutes!

• Our super structure fingers have wide body connections, with incomparable stability and anti torsion strength.
• Connected to main docks by 1 1/4’’ HD pins with nylon bushings: wear & noise free -fast disconnect.
• Equipped with brackets that slide along the sides to allow easy adjustments.
• Service bay on demand with removable covers to access electrical and water supplies.
• Available in Kits to be assemble.
• Decking options: Various species of wood / composite boards / concrete slabs / True Deck™ Panels


  • Custom made to fit your needs
  • Straight or angular structural handrail
  • Marine grade aluminum
  • Choice of decking boards
  • Low maintenance
  • Complies with CWB highest welding standards
  • Very light (ex : 4’x20′ = 200lb without decking)
  • Easy handling